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My classmates and I have been working on a project called Novo where we make art on a theme every few months. We chose BtVS for our first theme and this is the entry by lil ol’ me. I know next to nothing about Buffy but if lovin singing demons is wrong I don’t want to be right son.Give it an aul check out, everyone is really sound!
I made this dumb little comic in negative 5 second for a twitter joke and deevseverything thought it was good enough for tumblr because ??????
Did some straight pen sketches of some of the mummies at the Catacombe Dei Cappuchini. Great exercise in the uncanny valley! I’d love to visit, but at least while I’m stuck here in Ireland there’s some bony friends I can make to tide me over.
Lil bitter witch! First time using ink in ages, but I really need to get reacquainted with it. Messy and with lots of mistakes, but for having spilled a whole glass of water over it while it was still wet, it’s not too bad!
Had such a blast at Eirtakon. Met loads of cool, fun people, lots of people complimented my (kinda weak!) first attempt at cosplay, and loads of people bought art! Totally sold out of this print. ‘Til next year!
A little behind on things for Eirtakon, but I’m powering away! Something a little different. Have I ever used so much pink before??
A lunch doodle. Feeling Halloweeny.
Got a new brush from a cool guy, learned a little about lighting.
Weird Itchy and Scratchy doodle. I have complicated feelings about cartoons within cartoons.
A proper reupload of this! Really trying to tap into what it is I like in the process of making pictures.